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We believe that finance can be a force for good, and that innovation should be sought out and rewarded.

Who we are

The Financial Solutions Lab is a $50 million, 10-year initiative managed by the Financial Health Network with founding partner JPMorgan Chase & Co. to cultivate, support and scale innovative ideas that advance the financial health of low- to moderate-income (LMI) consumers and historically underserved communities. The Lab is intentionally focused on innovative ideas that support populations facing acute and persistent financial health challenges, including (but not limited to) aging individuals, individuals with disabilities, people of color and women.

Over the last six years the Financial Solutions Lab has supported nearly 40 companies who have served more than 4.5 million consumers, helping them save more than $1 billion. The Financial Solutions Lab is a proven platform for improving the financial health of consumers and recently received renewed support from founding partner JPMorgan Chase. Last year, cohort companies addressed Workplace Financial Health challenges by providing innovative workplace financial health and wellness programs.

Financial Health Network

The Financial Health Network is the leading authority on consumer financial health.  We are a trusted resource for business leaders, policymakers and innovators united in a mission to improve the financial health of their customers, employees and communities.  Through research, advisory services, measurement tools, and opportunities for cross-sector collaboration, we advance awareness, understanding and proven best practices in support of improved consumer financial health for all.  For more on the Financial Health Network, go to and follow us on Twitter at @FinHealthNet.


Financially healthy individuals increase the stability and resiliency of their communities. That’s why JPMorgan Chase is proud to be the founding partner of the Financial Solutions Lab – committing $50 million over 10 years and our expertise in financial services to maximize our impact.

FinLab participants go through Financial Health Network's FinX in order to better understand the needs of underserved consumers.

FinLab participants dig deep into regulatory issues that can impact everything from how companies define themselves, to who they choose as partners.

FinLab companies gain insights and access from leaders like Ripple CEO Chris Larsen, founder.

Why we are here

The Financial Solutions Lab has a relentless focus on building products and services that embrace inclusion, build trust, promote success, and create opportunity, and which solve important financial challenges in America.

Over a five-year period, we are creating challenges and rewards for innovative entrepreneurs, companies, and nonprofits building solutions for the issue areas we highlight. We will grow an ecosystem of fintech innovators that will catalyze impact on the lives of everyday people.

Goals of the Lab

More Innovation

We want more entrepreneurs to create products that improve the financial health of consumers.

Better Products

We want products that better serve the needs of low and moderate-income households.

National Scale

We want products that effectively serve millions of consumers.

The Lab has been truly catalytic for us. Our goal has always been to partner with major financial institutions to help them restructure their customers' debt. The beauty of FinLab is that we are able to get insights from the greatest consumer lab out there. We have the ability to go out to a broad array of service providers in the financial services space that we probably wouldn't have known about.
Jerry Nemorin Co-Founder and CEO

Advisory council

  • Jennifer Tescher

    Financial Health Network

  • Susan Ehrlich


  • Arjan Schutte

    Core Innovation Capital

  • Jonathan Mintz

    Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund

  • Andrea Levere

    Prosperity Now

  • Darren Walker

    Ford Foundation

  • Kosta Peric

    Gates Foundation

  • Eldar Shafir


  • Tim Brown


  • Albert Ko


  • Ben Knelman

    Juntos Finanzas

  • Karen Keogh

    JPMorgan Chase

  • Noah Wintroub

    JPMorgan Chase

  • Ben Jealous

    Kapor Capital

  • Ann Lamont

    Oak HC/FT

  • Arjuna Costa

    Omidyar Network

  • Cheryl Porro

    SalesForce Foundation

  • Michael Barr

    University of Michigan

  • Suzi Sosa


At FinLab's first meeting, FinLab winners identified business issues they may be able to help each other solve.

LendStreet's Jerry Nemorin was all smiles at FinLab's first-ever Selection Day in NYC.

In July, FinLab winners experienced firsthand what it's like to be struggling financially, as they navigated the challenges of Financial Health Network's FinX.

More than craft beer and good music: FinLab's party at SXSW attracted fintech innovators from near and far.

Our partners

Our strategic partners support FinLab participants through an 8-month program of technical support, mentorship and invaluable introductions to partners that can improve products, build stronger companies and raise national awareness.

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