Building Solutions for Financial Health

Learn more about the companies behind innovative solutions that can make financial health a reality for all Americans.

2019 Challenge Winners

The 2019 Challenge is focused on innovative workplace financial health solutions that can measure the impact and performance of these services within diverse work environments, including underserved populations.

  • Brightside

    Brightside is a personalized financial health platform providing employees one place to go for all their financial needs.

  • HoneyBee

    HoneyBee helps employees, regardless of credit history, access an extra week’s pay anytime to help manage unplanned expenses and build credit.

  • Manifest

    Manifest makes 401(k) transfers seamless as employees switch positions by standardizing the process and linking providers to dramatically reduce administrative costs, compliance liabilities, and time.

  • MedPut

    MedPut is an employee benefit option that provides 0% financing and bill negotiation services for out-of-pocket medical bills, with no impact to an employee’s credit score.

  • Onward

    Onward is an employer-based mobile savings and credit app that enables workers to save effortlessly, build financial knowledge, and access responsible credit when emergencies strike.

2018 Challenge Winners

For the fourth FinLab challenge, we remained focused on identifying a broad range of new solutions to improve consumer financial health in the United States. Given the diversity of people in America who struggle with their financial health, we believe the best products resonate with broad and heterogeneous populations. Accordingly, we continue to support and encourage diversity in solutions, customer focus, and founding teams.

  • Alice

    Alice is software for employers that allows employees to automate pre-tax spending.

  • is an enterprise SaaS platform designed to help users crush student debt.

  • Goalsetter

    Goalsetter is a goal-based savings and gifting platform for kids and families.

  • Mason Finance

    Mason Finance is an online financial services platform designed to improve the financial health of Americans over the age of 65.

  • Petal

    Petal pioneers cash flow underwriting to expand credit access for new-to-credit consumers.

  • Resolve

    Resolve is a free platform designed to guide financially distressed people back to financial health.

  • Sixup

    Sixup is reinventing student lending with an outcomes-based system that funds and incubates high-achieving, low-income students.

  • WinWin

    WinWin uses the excitement of winning to encourage young Americans to save.

2017 Challenge Winners

FinLab's 2017 challenge focused on identifying innovative products that can improve the financial health of the 138 million adults in America who are financially unhealthy.

  • Blueprint Income

    Blueprint Income is creating the future pension – a simple, pre-determined income stream backed by insurance companies.

  • Dave

    Dave predicts your "7 day low" checking account balance and offers advances on your paycheck at 0% interest to help prevent overdraft.

  • EverSafe

    EverSafe monitors seniors' bank and investment accounts, credit cards and credit reports — serving as an extra set of eyes to detect fraud, scams, and identity theft.

  • Grove

    Grove delivers personalized, comprehensive financial advice that is accessible and affordable.

  • Nova

    Nova has created the world’s first cross-border credit reporting agency by building data partnerships across the globe.

  • Point

    Point is a home equity platform that is changing the way homeowners buy and finance their biggest asset, giving homeowners cash today for a share of their home’s future appreciation.

  • Token Transit

    Token Transit is a mobile app to quickly and easily pay for public transportation.

  • Tomorrow

    Tomorrow aims to provide long-term financial security to busy millennials and working families.

2016 Challenge Winners

FinLab's 2016 competition focused on identifying promosing early-stage innovations that leverage technology to help Americans plan for, mitigate and weather financial shocks.

  • Albert

    Albert is a mobile app that improves financial health with practical, actionable financial recommendations.

  • Bee

    Bee is a fintech startup built on the principle that all Americans deserve convenient, high quality retail financial services.

  • EarnUp

    EarnUp is a consumer-first platform that intelligently automates loan payments and identifies earning opportunities for the 200 million indebted Americans.

  • eCreditHero

    80 percent of credit reports contain an error. eCreditHero helps consumers fix their credit for free.

  • Everlance

    Everlance is an app that allows freelancers to automatically track their business miles and expenses.

  • Remedy

    Remedy protects people from medical bill errors and overcharges, saving the average family over $1,000 per year.

  • SaverLife

    SaverLife (Formerly EARN) is a national nonprofit leveraging technology to solve America’s savings crisis.

  • Scratch

    Scratch is a modern-day loan servicer that delivers a borrower-first experience.

  • WiseBanyan

    WiseBanyan is the world’s first free financial advisor.

2015 Challenge Winners

FinLab launched its first competition in February 2015 with the goal of identifying emerging innovations that leverage technology to reduce the cost, time, and stress Americans face as they manage their household cash flows.

  • Ascend

    Reduces risk on current loans and rewards the borrower by lowering interest payments for positive financial behaviors.

  • Digit

    Automated savings tool that identifies small amounts of money that can be moved from checking into savings based on spending habits.

  • Even

    Turns the inconsistent income of hourly and part-time workers into a steady salary.

  • LendStreet

    Marketplace-lending platform that helps borrowers reduce their debt and rebuild their credit.

  • PayGoal

    A workplace tool that enables financially underserved workers to improve their financial health.

  • Prism

    Comprehensive bill payment and management app that helps people better manage their personal finances. In early 2016, Prism was acquired by fintech company PayNearMe.

  • Propel

    Simplifies the food stamp application process by streamlining the initial enrollment form.

  • Puddle

    Reduces risk on current loans and rewards the borrower by lowering interest payments for positive financial behaviors.

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